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Guess what Chicken is hiding under this wall of Feathers!

Section A has been removed in the picture below.

See down below for rules and form.

Chicken GW_edited.png


Thanks for submitting!

Congrats Trippasnippa
You've Won This Bird!

Trips Chook.png


- Each Guess will cost you 2000

- To reveal a part of the above picture will cost 10,000        (you can reveal 1 part of the picture every 24hrs)

- You will get exclusive viewing of that picture for 24hrs before it will be updated live on the website for all to see.

- The winner will win a Chicken!


Clue One

All clues may or may not be cryptic and up to interpretation  

Whoooty Who?

Flying around with the wheels down low.

That winter breeze sends a chill like snow.

This spicy food will warm me red.

Just like my comb colour or my wattle instead.

Thats enough clues for this game of guess who
Which bird am I? thats up to you!

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