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This Cock has got himself into a bit of trouble. Use the clues found in the discord and on the website to find the 6 Digit code and free the Sultan and he's your to take home and keep! Every month we will drop more clues to help you solve the puzzle

Clue One

Digging The Weth Hole

Its the highest of highs, combined with the lowest of lows, when your Serama hits the track.

With the addition of your classic natured Sultan which has evolved to finish on the podium.

But to subtract from your coop, your Lak feels alienated and rolls away to hang out with the Zebras.

Which leaves you divided, on which one of your high rated Dorks can sink his teeth into races, without digging the weth hole twice as deep.

Good Luck and win Weth 10x

Clue Three


               Its been over six months i can see from counting my tallys on the brick wall, with no resuce for months, I pass the days thinking about the time I had on the outside. The sun on my face, the wind in my feathers, its the simple things you miss. As I stare at these bars through a new window I find myself face to face with the answer and wonder how I could have missed this for so long. Help will be coming soon, I can feel it in my bones.

My rescue is coming but my time is short. I have 24 Hrs before im executed for the feast the will follow.

Please help me, your my only hope. 

New Project (1).png


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