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Seasonal Tourney.png


- 1 Month Tourney
- 1 Entry per coop (up to 5 chickens)
Chickens will compete each week for for a top spot on the
Weekly Leaderboard  
- The Weekly Leaderboard will be calcuated on WIN percentage per Chicken.
- At the end of every
7 days points will be added to the Championship Leaderboard and the Weekly Leaderboard will be reset.
- After 1 Month the top 10 Chickens on the Championship Leaderboard will compete in a one week showdown. Same rules apply but a minimum of 20 races in that week.

Next Available Tourney Date: Sept 3rd 2022

Seasonal Tourney.png
Seasonal Tourney Points Ladder.png
Seasonal Tourney Example.png
Seasonal Tourney Prizes.png
Seasonal Tourney NEFT.png
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