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What do you do with the member fees?

All the membership fees we receive goes straight back into mostly for marketing, giveaways and upkeep. We are constantly looking for new ways to add value for Members. We believe in helping everyone succeed in CD and making an invaluable resource for those who choose it.

Where do you see ABC in 5-10 Years?

We would like to have multiple tierd giveaways on ABC with loads of utility that's constantly improving and molding within the Chicken Derby Ecosphere

What make special?

We are one of the first Chicken Derby adjacent websites that offers utility for their users. As the game progresses we will see only more valuable and better quality tools for Members on our website.

Why do I need an ABC Membership?

An ABC Membership offers you the ultimate value in many different ways. You can become a Free member and participate in our monthly giveaways without lifting a finger. That's right you automatically get entered into out CHICKS giveaway, where every month we give away a chicken to the user. You will also receive membership into our GOOD CLUCK CLUB where you can earn Feathers to increase your rank for better perks.  

Or you could become a paid Member for as little as $2 per month and receive better quality perks and automatic Entry into more giveaways every month with multiple NFTs given away. See MEMBERS for more details

Wen Giveaways?

Giveaways will be drawn on the first Monday AEST of every month.

What are Feathers and how do they work?

Feathers are given to Members to reward them for their involvement with Many actions on the website can earn you Feathers which will increase your tier, earning you better perks.

We plan to have Feathers become redeemable for Crypto


What advantages do I get from the OG ROLE

OGs will have certain perks different from the other tiers. There are only 100 OG Roles available so get in quick. OG perks coming very soon...

What do you do with our data?

We get the big green header out and start her up. It's harvest time!

Here at ABC the only data we want is your race data. To analyze and report back to you. We don't share any of your data with anyone.... ever. 'Don't Be Evil'

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