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What are feathers and what do they do?

 We have big plans for Feathers but at the moment (until we see more utility ingame) Feathers are a way of indicating level tiers in the GOOD CLUCK CLUB. The amount of Feathers you collect will denote what tier you are and what perks you will receive within our ecosystem. (The more Feathers you have the higher role you will be and the more valuable perks you will receive.)

Think about Feathers like FrequentFlyer points.

Whats the future for Feathers

All Feathers will be accumulated and be redeemable when we hit our tokenomics model. We plan to have many available products and services that utilizes Feathers for Members. Check out our ROADMAP for the full story but here's a few we think are rippers.

- Discounted Breeding

- Redeemable for products

- Egg Purchases

How do I get feathers?

You can collect Feathers by joining our GOOD CLUCK CLUB and supporting us in many different ways paid and unpaid. We want to make our Feathers accessible to everyone big coop or small. 

How do i know how many Feathers I have?

You can see your total Feathers on the Feather Leader Board or FLB for short. This will show you all members and their respective Feathers. We have plans to incorporate the FeatherBank  in the future when the game has more utility for you to spend Feathers on.

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